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Map Suite GIS Editor

Add a Chart and Graph style to the GIS Editor.

Add a new style that would allow you to display charts and graphs on your map, based on your spatial data.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add a Data Wizard to the GIS Editor.

The proposed Data Wizard would provide an easy way to mass-manipulate attribute data (add columns based on expressions, do mass updates across Shapefiles, etc).


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add a Geocoder Wizard to the GIS Editor.

Enable batch geocoding from a file of addresses (CSV, Excel, etc.) so you can plot them on a map.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add a GPS plugin to the GIS Editor.

Allow the GIS Editor to work with a GPS device to capture coordinate information and/or plot it on the map.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add a WMS plugin to the GIS Editor.

Would enable the GIS Editor to consume data from a standard Web Map Service and make it available as a base map in the Data Repository.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add looping of the past few hours of the radar layer

The new NOAA radar layer only displays the current map. We would like to see the previous few hours maps, and a way to loop them on screen, so users can see radar changes over time.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add Publish to Web capability to the GIS Editor.

Provide an easy way to publish a map to ThinkGeo's cloud server and allow it to be viewed by others in a web browser or on a mobile device.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add route analysis to the GIS Editor.

This would add the ability to create and visualize routes (driving directions, etc.) in the GIS Editor.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Add support for base maps via REST API in the GIS Editor.

There are various base maps that can be leveraged via REST endpoints such as those on ArcGIS Online and on other sites using ArcGIS Server technology. This enhancement would enable users of the GIS Editor to consume base maps within their projects by using a REST API.


Map Suite GIS Editor

Improve the GIS Editor's Microsoft SQL Server connection dialog.

This enhancement would improve the SQL Server connection dialog in the GIS Editor in a number of ways, including alphabetical sorting of database and table names, better visual feedback of connection status and other user experience enhancements.

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